Jane Allen

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environment, oil drilling, climate change, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ecological disruption, land degradation, food source decline




Ecological disruption is an issue that is affecting the wildlife and people that live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Climate change and oil drilling are two of the main causes of ecological disruption in the ANWR. The native people and wildlife are the ones being affected by the ecological disruption and deterioration. Food source decline and land degradation are some of the ways that climate change is affecting these people. Oil drilling and government involvement in the lands of Alaska is causing the degradation for many Alaskans to worsen. Oil drilling destroys ecosystems and harms the native animals, which then decreases the food sources, as well as interferes with the spiritual and traditional aspects of the lives of the people. One best practice that may help these people is to make governmental policies that favor the people. Also, filing settlements to hold oil companies and governments responsible for their part in harming the lands and the people would also help.