Susan M. Watts

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inequality, antisemitism, Germany, Holocaust education, hate speech, conspiracy theories




Antisemitism has been rising in Germany since the country's reunification in the 1990s. In the modern day, antisemitism takes many forms, including hate speech, violent attacks, and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Although antisemitism has been rising in many parts of the world, Germany's history during the Holocaust causes its rise to be especially alarming to the Jewish community. The rise in antisemitism has been caused by the internet, current events like the pandemic and the Israel-Palestine conflict, and rightwing political extremism. Due to the rise in antisemitism, the fear of harassment and violence among Jews in Germany has risen, along with antisemitic vandalism and attacks. The German government has attempted to prevent antisemitism with Holocaust education, but studies are unclear as to whether Holocaust education is effective at combating antisemitism.