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Child Labor in Ghana


Cara Pugmire

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child labor, worst forms of child labor, WFCL, community child protection committees, CCPCs




Child labor has been a pressing issue for many years, with about 160 million children involved in child labor worldwide. Ghana has one of the highest rates of child labor per country in the world, with about 21% of the childhood population in the country participating in some form of child labor. Children in Ghana become a part of child labor due to a variety of reasons, including outside cultural influences, lack of access to quality education, and a lack of regulation regarding current child labor laws. There are several negative consequences that affect children's lives when they are involved in child labor. These include harm to physical and emotional health, lack of a quality education, and long-term perpetuation of the poverty cycle within their communities. Several organizations operating on worldwide and local scales have made significant efforts to decrease child labor around the world. These organizations often use Community Child Protection Committees to monitor children in local communities to protect them from harm.