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gender inequality, domestic abuse, sexual violence, women, human trafficking




Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a major issue in sub-Saharan Africa. particularly in the country of Uganda. Three major types of IPV have been identified in Uganda: intimate partner physical violence. intimate partner emotional violence. and intimate partner sexual violence. Sixty-five percent of women in Uganda report experiencing at least one of these types of IPV. The major contributing factors to IPV in Uganda include cultural attitudes about violence among both women and men and patriarchal behaviors among men. Bride price, or the exchange of goods for a bride. and male alcohol abuse also raise rates of IPV among women. Victims of IPV suffer a variety of consequences. including physical consequences such as bruising. burns, and broken limbs, and mental health consequences such as depression and PTSD. Increased rates of HIV is perhaps the most dangerous consequence of IPV among women in Uganda. Current IPV interventions are focused on community mobilization and education of both men and women on the dangers of IPV in their relationships and households.