Rachel Brown

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children, child abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking




Sex trafficking is a growing yet inconspicious issue in the United States, and youth are especially vulnerable to exploitation. Commercial sexual exploitation entails forcing or coercing a person into engaging in sexual acts for the profit of those who run the industry (i.e .. the traffickers). This industry is driven by a demand for child sex and fueled by its lucrative nature. Along with the inherent vulnerability of being young and not yet fully developed. youth have a variety of risk factors which make them especially susceptible to victimization, including experience with child abuse, homelessness. and online exposure. Children and adolescents who are targeted and sexually exploited can suffer damaging short- and long-term physical and sexual trauma to their bodies. as well as adverse mental and emotional trauma that can make it difficult to cope with the maltreatment they have been subjected to. Although trafficking of youth is a multifaceted issue, organizations such as Love146 and the National Human Trafficking Hotline are working to combat specific aspects of child sex trafficking by employing practices that address the prevention and identification of trafficking in the United States.