Samuel Neptune

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racial inequality, discrimination




The United States is a cultural melting pot of numerous unique religions. One religion that has gained increased attention in the United States over the years is Islam. This increased attention on members of the Islamic community is often negative. For this reason, it is increasingly important for American citizens to understand that the majority of faithful followers of Islam do not identity or approve of extremist groups that commit atrocious acts in the name of Islam. Hate and improper views of Muslims are being propagated by biased media depictions of Muslims, by the heightened fear and concern for safety from a repeated terrorist attack by extremist Muslim groups. and by improper opinions and public statements from elected public officials. The hate speech and violence directed towards Muslims has many adverse effects. For example. violence is a major byproduct of discrimination against Muslims that can lead to severe mental and physical problems, identity issues, and workplace issues. Some organizations such as the Islamic Network's Group and the Anti-Defamation League are striving to tackle issues related to discrimination against Muslims in America.