Lorin Utsch

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human trafficking, children, refugees & immigration




Many migrants are making the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea through the use of migrant smugglers. Though illegal, migrants choose to make this journey due to a combination of push and pull factors. including instability in their homeland and a lack of legal options of emmigration. The smugglers are highly motivated by profit and take advantage of the migrants· needs, leading to instances of monetary exploitation. sexual abuse. and human trafficking. As a result of the smugglers· motivation for profit. the lives of the migrants are often placed in hazardous situations, often resulting in death. Because of the illicit nature of migrant smuggling, there is a lack of regulations set in place to protect the migrants on their sea crossings and a lack of infrastructure to meet them once ashore. The current practices in place to alleviate this social issue include search and rescue missions aimed at mitigating short-term dangers for the migrants and international treaties aimed at protecting their rights long-term. The most impact will be made by individual states adopting increased criminalization measures against migrant smugglers and increasing resettlement quotas for the migrants searching for a new home.