Hannah Klassen

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environment, health, WaSH




The issue of water scarcity is prominent in the Jordan Valley and surrounding countries. and the issues surrounding it are part of a web that is difficult for aspiring solvers to untangle. Natural processes. such as desertification. certainly have their effect. but other issues. including the political crises of the region. rapid population growth, poor infrastructure. water pollution. and the misuse of water resources are also largely responsible for the water crisis. Just as the issue has largely been created by the environment and the people within it, it also greatly affects the environment and people. Many people throughout the area. especially poor populations in rural areas. are fighting for their lives daily while facing water scarcity, water pollution. and the health and economic crises that have followed. While there are solutions in place to make the current water supply more usable. these solutions are only effective as long as the water supply lasts. necessitating adaptive governance as a long-term solution.