Madison Coleman

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poverty, education, child abuse, child labor, health




Residential care institutions, or orphanages, are becoming increasingly more common in Cambodia. These institutions are not closely monitored by the Cambodian government. causing many children to be raised in unsafe and inadequate environments. The vast majority of the children living in these orphanages have at least one living parent but are being sent to live in an institution because their parents cannot afford to provide for their material needs or their education. The donations of time and money from foreigners. as well as the relative ease of implementing institutions rather than alternative care. also contribute to the increasing number of inadequate residential care institutions. Children who are raised in these orphanages often experience physical and sexual abuse and exploitation: physical, psychological, or emotional health problems: and difficulty transitioning into adult life. Some practices that are being implemented to solve the issue of inadequate residential care and mitigate its negative effects Include providing support to the original families, placing children in alternative care situations. and providing abuse-prevention resources.