Kelsey Sampson

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poverty, sexual health, education, gender inequality




Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is the processes and resources surrounding menstruation. including the knowledge, products. and social norms associated with it. For many adolescent girls in Kenya, MHM is a serious and impactful issue. Although there are likely more causal factors, research suggests that some of the largest causes of this problem are poverty, the culture surrounding menstruation. inadequate sexual health education, and poor sanitation infrastructure. These barriers to adequate menstrual hygiene management create adverse consequences for the Kenyan girls, including infections. poor mental well-being, increased sexual activity, decreased education attainment, and gender inequality. Although changing the status quo of MHM in Kenya will require long-term solutions to both the consequences and causes of poor MHM, many practices are being implemented today to alter this status quo. Especially common or innovative practices Include feminine hygiene pad and cup distribution, workshops, and magazine education.