Harper Forsgren

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public policy, mental health, cultural erosion




The Troubles in Northern Ireland were a 30-year dispute steeped in both religious conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants and geopolitical conflict between the British and the Irish. These tensions. which date back hundreds of years. came to a head in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1998 when the opposing sides of the conflict used guerilla warfare tactics to inflict damage on rival paramilitary organizations and civilians alike. Though the Troubles officially ended in 1998. the repercussions of the turmoil are still seen today through persisting segregation, continued paramilitary aggression, mental health struggles. and political turmoil throughout the country. While steps are being taken in order to address the consequences of the Troubles through promoting mental health programs and working towards integrated education, the deeply rooted societal tensions in Northern Ireland continue to act as barriers in overcoming these lingering problems.