beam spiltter, polarize, hybrid photonic crystal, waveguide


We propose an ultracompact high-efficiency polarizing beam splitter that operates over a wide wavelength range and is based on a hybrid photonic crystal and a conventional waveguide structure. Within a small area (15 mm 3 10 mm), this polarizing beam splitter separates TM- and TE-polarized modes into orthogonal output waveguides. Results of simulations with the two-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method show that 99.3% of TM-polarized light is def lected by the photonic crystal structure (with a 28.0-dB extinction ratio), whereas 99.0% of TE-polarized light propagates through the structure (with a 32.2-dB extinction ratio). Wave vector diagrams are employed to explain the operation of a polarizing beam splitter. Tolerance analysis reveals a large tolerance to fabrication errors.

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Optical Society of America


S. Kim, G. P. Nordin, J. Cai, and J. Jiang, "Ultracompact high-efficiency polarizing beam splitter with a hybrid photonic crystal and conventional waveguide structure," Opt. Lett. 28(23), pp. 2384-2386 (23)




Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology


Electrical and Computer Engineering