Hundreds of family life education (FLE) websites are now available on the Internet, allowing individuals and families unprecedented access to FLE information. Evaluation is critical to ensuring the quality of and improving FLE websites, yet few FLE website evaluations have been conducted. This study formatively evaluated a new family life education website, called Forever Families (http://www.foreverfamilies.net or http://foreverfamilies.byu.edu), assessing website utilization using Web-based software, and receiving visitor feedback through the use of an online survey. Quantitative survey items assessed knowledge gains, how interesting the content was, usefulness, attractiveness, ease of use of the website, whether or not the site met visitors' needs, and to what extent the website led visitors to reconsider former attitudes and decide to make changes in their lives. The researcher sought to discover whether there were statistical differences in participant ratings by demographic variables. Open-ended items requested further information to assist the researcher in understanding the quantitative responses. Statistics compiled by Web-based software revealed that the website was highly utilized by individuals throughout the world. Participant ratings of the website and responses to open-ended items revealed the website was well received and had a positive impact on the participants. Website ratings did not substantially vary by participant characteristics, except for education level and ethnicity. Participants provided many helpful suggestions for website improvement.



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Family, Home, and Social Sciences; Family Life



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Family Life Education, FLE, Online Evaluation, Forever Families