The purpose of this research is to determine which aspects, other than price, of trade contractor performance are the most important to the general contractor, Big-D Construction. The impression a trade contractor leaves on the project manager and superintendent provides an indication of their performance. To determine what tasks trade contractors perform that most greatly impact overall perception of the general contractor's project manager and superintendent, hundreds of trade contractors were evaluated in ten separate categories and were then given an overall rating. The correlation between each category and the overall rating was found. The categories were then sorted from highest correlation to lowest. Of the ten categories, professionalism had the highest correlation. Next to professionalism, schedule adherence was found to be most important. All of the next six categories: Coordination with other subs, quality of work, technical knowledge of drawings & specs, project close out (O&M's, punchlist, as-builts), monthly invoices - timely and accurate, and accuracy/timeliness of change orders, all had similar impact on overall performance. Daily clean-up and safety attitude, had the least impact on performance, with safety falling significantly lower than every other category. Overall, being professional, keeping to the schedule and doing good work are most important to project management teams, while keeping the job clean is noticeably less and safety is much less important.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Technology



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subcontractor, trade contractor, evaluation, performance, general contractor, importance, rating

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Construction Management (CM)