This thesis transcribes and translates the war correspondence of King Philip II from the year 1592. The original manuscripts are held at the Harold B. Lee Library in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT). The original manuscripts have been diplomatically transcribed meaning that the transcription respects the original orthography, accentuation, abbreviations, and word divisions. For easy comparison, a facsimile of each manuscript has been provided and appears before its corresponding transcription. The translation strategy used is a modified version of a “fluent translation” as described by Lawrence Venuti. Instead of removing all foreign aspects of the source language (Spanish), some political and monetary terms have been borrowed because of a lack of a cultural and lexical equivalent in the target language (English). The definitions of these words have been provided at the end of the translation section. Also provided is a brief history about Philip II and his rise to being king of Spain along with his political ideologies and policies towards the Netherlands and England. This biography provides the historical context to better understand the content of the letters and their impact on history.



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Humanities; Spanish and Portuguese



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Philip II, correspondence of Philip II, Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604), Diego de Orellana de Chaves, Esteban de Ibarra, Andrés de Prada, Pedro de Zubiaur, Pedro de Zubiaurre, Pedro de Çubiaurre, Cuatro Villas, Archbishop MacGauran, primate of Ireland.