In view of the aforementioned emphasis on the missionary program of the Church there was a felt need by the author, with encouragement from Ernest Eberhard Jr., of the Department of Education, to do a follow-up study to determine what effect the seminary program has had and is now having upon the lives of its graduates now in the mission field. Only the missionaries who arenow in the mission field and who are seminary graduates of four selected seminaries are used in this study.
There are three major areas of seminary influence and effectiveness that this study attempts to determine. They are: (1) The effectiveness of the seminary program in influencing the missionaries to have lived the gospel in their lives before going on thier missions. (2) The influence the seminary program had on the missionaries' desires to go on missions. (3) The effectiveness of the seminary program in helping to prepare these missionaries to be more successful in their present missionary work. These findings are determined from the results of a questionnaire that was sent to each missionary.



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