While the history of the Latter-day Saints who colonized in Mexico is probably not generally known by the majority of Latter-day Saints living throughout the world today, it nevertheless comprises an exceptionally colorful and exciting chapter of the history of Mormonism. The Latter-day Saints who went to Mexico created there a culture and society which has never been duplicated. Probably one of the chief concerns of the Mormon Colonists in Mexico was to establish in their society a culture which would be lastingly enduring and which would progressively improve. Secondly, it is also probable that they were passionately desirous of having their children share their same convictions concerning religion and morality. The Colonists determined that the best way to insure a realization of these desires was through their system of schooling—secular as well as religious. These appear to be the aims which justified the existence of the Juarez Stake Academy.
Because of the unique circumstances which account for the existence of both the Mexican colonies and the subsequent existence of the Juarez Academy neither can be understood or explained without looking to certain attendant circumstances. Although this study is concerned primarily with the Juarez Stake Academy, it will nevertheless be necessary to look to these other circumstances.



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Juarez Stake Academy, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, Mormons, Education