The Seminaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were organized to provide religious education for high school and junior high school students. Inspirational devotional programs are a part of the class procedure in the Seminaries designed to create a spiritual tone in this religious education. Objectives of these devotional periods are:
1. To encourage students to reflect and meditate on spiritual subjects.
2. To provide opportunities and experiences for student participation in planning and presenting inspirational devotional programs.
3. To establish in the classroom an atmosphere or setting which will stimulate the study of scripture and sacred history, thus serving as a lead into lesson work.

This project involves a discussion of techniques of planning and producing inspirational devotional programs in the Seminary. In it outlines are given for fifty-nine devotional programs to accompany the fifty-nine lessons outlined in the Teacher Manual which was published in 1961 by the Department of Education of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Seminary course in Church History and Doctrine.

While these devotional programs do no satisfy the daily needs for the entire year, they do serve as an outline for a minimal devotional activity and provide a pattern for further planning by teachers and students.



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Religious Education; Church History and Doctrine



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Mormons, Devotional exercises, Mormon Church, Seminaries