John Elliott Tullidge was one of a group of early musicians that exerted a considerable influence on the culture of Utah. He was a gentlemen well trained in the musical arts and intensely proud of his profession.

He was born November 5, 1807, a son of Edward and Mary Elliott Tullidge, in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England. His parents were wealthy and realized the value of an education, and he was given the privilege of studying with the finest teachers of his day. He sang at a very early age in church choirs. Many positions were granted him both as a performer and conductor. He was actively engaged in music all of his life in England, and the records reveal that he had no other profession. While in England, he held the title of Professor of Singing and Harmony. He taught, composed, and performed in the field of music.

Professor Tullidge came in contact with the influence of the Gospel due to other members of his family coming in contact with the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because of this influence, he made the move to the United States after spending fifty-six years in England. In 1863, Professor Tullidge, his wife Elizabeth, their son John, and his wife Jane, and daughter Mary sailed on the ship Cynosure for America.



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John Elliott Tullidge, 1807-1873, Music, History, criticism, Utah