Though generally unheard of in the Western world and the United States prior to the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Filipino people have made some remarkable contributions to world leadership and world history. Frequently they have been considered a pagan and an ignorant people, although in objectively observing them one finds such a belief unfounded and even the reverse of that to be true. Progress which the republic has made during the last fifty years, since being liberated to develop liberties in religion, politics, and education, is phenomenal, even when compared with the United States period of evolution to her present position of world leadership as the champion for democracy. Future growth will depend on the freedom the republic of the Philippines is able to achieve and maintain. The success she attains in preserving freedom is believed to be an important factor for the future growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in those islands, just as it has been in other areas of the world. The feeble beginning the L.D.S. Church has experienced in the Philippines is attributed to the devotion of men and women to the principles of the gospel while they served with the military forces of their country.



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