The work in this thesis is on two topics. The first topic focuses on collaboration between a UAV and a UGV to track a moving ground target. The second topic focuses on deriving a guidance law for a small-scale controllable projectile to be guided into a target. For the first topic, we implement a path planning algorithm in a hardware system for a UAV and UGV to track a ground target. The algorithm is designed for urban environments where it is common for objects to obstruct sensors located on the UAV and the UGV. During the hardware system's implementation, multiple problems prevented the hardware system from functioning properly. We will describe solutions to these problems. For the second topic, we develop a guidance law for a small-scale controllable projectile using Lyapunov analysis techniques. We implement a PID controller on the body-axes pitch rate and yaw rate of the projectile such that the behavior of the pitch rate and yaw rate can be approximated as a second order system. We derive inputs for the pitch rate and yaw rate using backstepping and adaptive control techniques. The guidance law we develop guarantees the rocket will point at its intended destination. Additionally, we present expressions for the kinematics and dynamics of the rocket's motion and define the forces and moments that act on the rocket's body.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Electrical and Computer Engineering



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adaptive control, backstepping, projectile guidance, path planning