Numeric groundwater modeling techniques can assist water resources regulators pursuing prudent and foresightful aquifer management decisions. Unfortunately, the amount of time and professional expertise required to wield modern groundwater models often exceeds the resources of regulating agencies – even for simple modeling tasks that are repetitive in nature. In an effort to increase the accessibility of groundwater modeling resources, a server-based automated well permitting decision support system was designed. The prototype system allows a user to 1) input properties for any number of candidate wells, 2) execute an associated MOFLOW model, and 3) view relevant results of the simulation on a map such as drawdown contours and regions of decreased spring flow. The system extends the existing concept of automated well permitting geoprocessing, which involves customizable tools built with ArcGIS and Arc Hydro Groundwater geoprocessing components, by moving the geoprocessing tool to a server and creating an interactive web interface built with the Google Earth plug-in. Several strategies to initiate the server-based geoprocessing tool were considered, with and without ArcGIS Server software. A realistic case study was included to demonstrate the system in action. Such server-based automated decision support systems have promising potential to increase the accessibility of groundwater models, facilitating professional management of crucial water resources.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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well permitting, decision support, geoprocessing service, MODFLOW