In 2011 the Missionary Department sponsored a development project focused on creating performance support tools for international missionary training centers (IMTCs). The purpose of the project was to determine an area where there was a gap between desired performance and actual performance for IMTC training managers and develop tools to support them in improving performance in the chosen area. The target area supported the IMTC training managers in helping part-time teachers improve their effectiveness. Two products were created to help managers work more effectively with their teachers and a third product is currently under development. The first was a teacher competency print resource that managers could use to guide their feedback and evaluations of teachers. The second was a set of standards and suggestions managers could implement to help teachers improve. The third was an electronic teacher-tracking tool that would allow managers to track the progress and goals of each teacher. The design model used was a combination of a rapid prototyping model, cascade design model, and an electronic performance support design model. It included four major iterations for the products. This paper discusses the various stages of the development process, including adjustments to the planned design model, prototypes, and finalized products.



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David O. McKay School of Education; Instructional Psychology and Technology



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performance support, electronic performance support, teacher competencies, teacher improvement, training, international, missionary training centers