During the last few decades immigration by foreigners seeking work in the construction industry in the United States has increased dramatically. Of those seeking jobs in construction, Hispanics represent the largest and fastest growing population. The proportion of reportable accidents among Hispanic on-site construction workers in the United States is higher than that of non-Hispanics. This trend of on-site construction accidents is evident not only in states that have traditionally high populations of Hispanics, such as New York, Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas, it is also manifested in the State of Utah. This research focused on causes of accidents among Hispanic on-site construction workers along the Wasatch Front of Utah, which includes Brigham City, Utah in the north to Provo, Utah in the south. General contractors, subcontractors, job-site superintendents and on-site workers were interviewed to determine both causes of and solutions to accidents among Hispanic on-site construction workers. Results of this research indicated that some of the major causes of on-site accidents among Hispanics included worker negligence, lack of proper safety training, language barriers, and cultural issues. Suggested solutions include financial bonuses for good safety records, on-site translators, recognition of workers who complete approved training in job-site safety, and worker education on the importance of safety



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Technology



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Phavel Israel Loayza, accidents, construction, Hispanic, workers

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Construction Management (CM)