As English continues to become the universal language in commercial, educational and social settings worldwide, there is an increasing demand for English language teachers (ELT). While many teachers are native English speakers, many of them lack formal training in pedagogy and content knowledge. One challenge of novice teachers is how to create a learning experience that is both engaging and enjoyable for English language learners. Basic Training and Resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BTRTESOL) created by Dr. Lynn Henrichsen, is a basic but comprehensive program to provide skills and resources to teachers with limited formal training, time and financial resources. Two of the units of the BTRTESOL program focus on creating positive learning environments through the use of songs and games, thus improving motivation, participation and learning among English language learners. This project details the development of two BTRTESOL units titled "Using Songs to Increase Participation, Recall and Enjoyment" and "Using Games and Other Fun Yet Effective Activities for English Language Teaching." It also explains the rationale for using songs and games to enhance the curricula and provides practical examples for producing enjoyable and effective activities.



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songs for language learning, games for language learning, motivation, fun activities, novice teacher training, TESOL

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