If you ask 5 different teachers what the best way to teach a new technology to a student is you will get 5 different answers. (Bork, 2001; Cheong, 2008; Egal, 2009; Howell, 2001) What is the best way to teach a new computer software application to a student? In the technological world we live in today the effective transfer of technological knowledge is paramount. With varying opinions even among the leaders of national technology teacher associations (Haynie, 2005) there is a large level of ambiguity in relation to best practices in technology teaching. This study evaluates five commonly used methods of software application instruction used in technology classrooms. Students and teachers were questioned regarding the effectiveness and frequency of use of each of the instructional methods. Students were also instructed using five commonly used methods of instruction. Student's work was graded and average grades for each method of instruction were obtained. Key findings include: 1 - Students perceive book learning to be the most effective method of instruction for themselves and for their classmates. 2 - Teachers perceived direct instruction as the most effective method of instruction and book learning as the least effective method of instruction. 3 - Although students reported book learning as the most effective method of instruction those receiving direct instruction received the highest grades.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Technology



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instructional methods, technology teaching, pedagogy, direct instruction, book- learning, video-tutorials, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, software application, instruction

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Technology Engineering Education (TEE)