Knowledge transferred during meetings is often ephemeral in nature and thus must be captured if it is to be retained. Ideally, a capture solution should be able to 1) accommodate any number of screens without sacrificing image quality and 2) allow dynamic access to a complete media capture while the capture is taking place. Both students and employees can benefit from the information captured during the lectures and meetings for enhanced discussion and afterward for knowledge retention. Current systems do not support multiple screen capture well, and no system supports dynamic access to the active meeting capture during the meeting. We built a central display server that manages communication to all participants and presenter, manages what is shown on each display, captures all media sent to it and allows playback of that capture on the fly. Static media (images, video, and audio) can be referenced, along with dynamic media (desktop sharing), by any participant's notes in order to initiate and direct playback of the meeting capture – in other words, rewind the presentation. We validated the functionality of our tool by simulating a three screen class lecture where each student performed tasks requiring them to access the capture both during and after the meeting. With basic training, all participants successfully engaged in the rewind interaction and review process.



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Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Computer Science



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multiple screen presentation, meeting capture, lecture capture