This thesis focuses on the design and development of a flexible context architecture for a multi-user GUI that serves several users engaged in collaborative computer-aided applications (CAx). The objective of this thesis is to extend previous research into multi-user GUI's by providing multiple users with a flexible context interface for interaction with other users working on the same part at distributed locations. The investigation will consider how distributed users, through user interfaces, interact to simultaneously build models and how interaction context might be presented to regulate the way they wish to interact. The implementation integrates a Multi-User GUI (MUG) with NX Connect, a multi-user CAD prototype for Siemens NX. NX MUG uses agent software to render the user prototype outside of NX and NX Connect. This generalizes the interface so that it could be used with other engineering applications where several users wish to collaborate. The Multi-user GUI enables users to view a collaborating user's workspace, send/receive messages between multi-users, and is capable of translating text interactions in different languages, while skyping with other users. This research will have a profound impact on collaborative teams in reducing barriers to effective communication. This research will also enhance the existing NX Connect multi-user prototype by providing collaborative interaction support among the multi-users.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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Yue Xu, multi-user CAx, multi-user GUI, collaborative design