Football fans do not have the time to watch every game in its entirety and need an effective solution that summarizes them the story of the game. Human-generated summaries are often too short, requiring time and resources to create. We utilize the advantages of Interactive TV to create an automatic football summarization service that is cohesive, provides context, covers the necessary plays, and is concise. First, we construct a degree of interest function that ranks each play based on detailed, play-by-play game events as well as viewing statistics collected from an interactive viewing environment. This allows us to select the plays that are important to the game as well as those that are interesting to the viewer. Second, we create a visual transition that shows the progress of the ball whenever plays are skipped, allowing the viewer to understand the context of each play within the summary. Third, we enable interactive controls that allow viewers to manipulate the summary and delve deeper into the actual game whenever they wish. We validate our solution through two user studies—one to ensure that our degree of interest function selects the plays that are most interesting to the viewer, and the other to show that our transitions and interactive controls provide a better understanding of the game. We conclude that our summary solution is effective at conveying the story of a football game.



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Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Computer Science



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football, summarization, interactive, television, event ranking, annotation, time warp sports, transitions