Teacher collaboration is being implemented in many schools for a number of reasons with various claimed benefits. Collaboration is being heralded by many as a fix for many of the problems affecting teachers. This study shows that teachers believe that collaboration improves their ability to teach subject content, improves teaching methods, improves teacher's ability to manage students, and provides benefits to teachers in general. The majority of participants in this survey, whether currently participating in collaboration or not, indicated that they agree that collaboration provides these benefits. This study also examines four potential indicators of teacher attrition: administrative support, teacher salaries, excitement and enthusiasm toward teaching, and intent to stay in the teaching profession. The data showed that the effect of participation in collaboration has a slight positive effect on the indicators of potential attrition but not a statistically significant influence. Low teacher salaries remain a major area of frustration for the majority of teachers and should be further examined as a contributor to teacher attrition. Teacher attrition is a problem that must be addressed if a solution to the current and future teacher shortage is to be found. Further studies need to be conducted into this critical issue to determine the causes of this problem and find solutions.



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teacher collaboration, teacher attrition, teacher networking, collaboration, mentoring, teacher shortage, collaboration benefits, beginning teachers, teaching career

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