This thesis proposes that Alba Emoting™ is a safe, effective, and versatile technique of generating emotions for acting performance. Alba Emoting is safe because it resolves four major problems some actors experience while generating emotions for acting performance. These problems include, &ldqup;emotional hijacking,” “emotional hangover,” “emotional blockage,” and using emotional memories which are faded, incomplete, inconsistent, or full of mixed emotions. Alba Emoting solves these four problems through the help of certified trainers, the step-out procedure, and the emotional effector patterns, which allow actors consistent access to a large range of emotions. Alba Emoting is effective because it enables actors to control emotional inspiration through technique to create emotions that are felt by the actor and audience. It is versatile because it can be integrated with various rehearsal and emotional exploration techniques. This thesis demonstrates how Alba Emoting may be used with aspects of Stanislavski's System of Acting and Jeremy Whelan's Mosaic Acting System. It also demonstrates how Alba Emoting is used by Hyrum Conrad to create his ArcWork. The purpose of this thesis is to convince universities, conservatories, and other acting training programs to teach Alba Emoting as a technique for generating emotion in acting performance.



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Fine Arts and Communications; Theatre and Media Arts



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Alba Emoting, emotion, acting, performance, rehearsal, technique, emotional hangover, emotional hijacking, emotional blockage, emotional memory, Stanislavski System, Mosaic Acting System, ArcWork, Rasaesthetics, rasabox, safe, effective, versatile