The currently emerging trend of building more complex web applications to solve increasingly more involved software problems has led to the the need for a more automated and practical means for deploying resources required by these advanced web applications. As web based applications become more complex and involve more developers, greater system redundancy, and a larger number of components, traditional means of resource deployment become painfully inadequate as they fail to scale sufficiently. The purpose of this research is to provide evidence that a more sound and scalable test and deployment process can be employed and that many of the components of this improved process can be automated and/or delegated to various system actors to provide a more usable, reliable, stable, and efficient deployment process. The deployable resources that have been included for their commonality in web based applications are versioned resources (both ASCII based and binary files), database resources, cron files, and scripting commands. In order to achieve an improved test and deployment process and test its effectiveness, a web-based code deployment tool was developed and deployed in a production environment where its effects could be accurately measured. This deployment tool heavily leverages the use of Subversion to provide the management of versioned resources because of its extensive ability to manage the creation and merging of branches.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Technology



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web application, multi-tiered web application, deployment, resource deployment, resource management, versioning, code versioning, CVS, SVN, Subversion

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Information Technology (IT)