Employee satisfaction and empowerment are vital elements to businesses in most industries. The construction industry has various types of employees, ranging from managers and executives to on-site supervisors and laborers. This study was conducted to obtain a greater understanding about the elements and levels of satisfaction and empowerment of on-site supervisors in the residential construction industry. An on-site supervisor in the residential construction industry is responsible for coordinating and managing employees, materials, equipment, budgets, schedules, contracts, and the safety of employees and the general public. They are also the employees most frequently perceived as accountable for the success or failure of any project. Following a thorough review of the related literature, a questionnaire was developed to determine the levels of satisfaction and empowerment of on-site supervisors. This questionnaire was distributed by e-mail to on-site supervisors of companies on Professional Builders top 400 list for 2005. A total of 122 on-site supervisors completed the survey. Statistical tools, including Pearson's product-moment correlation and coefficient of determination, were utilized to analyze the gathered data that identified the satisfaction and empowerment levels of on-site supervisors. It was discovered that a statistically significant correlation existed between satisfaction and empowerment. In addition, descriptive statistics were used to create lists of major elements leading to employee satisfaction and empowerment.



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on-site supervisor, satisfaction, empowerment, employee, construction, residential, house, elements, level

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